By, Meaza Gidey

Tigrayans and allies in different universities across the world should work with their faculties to create and provide platforms to raise awareness about the state-led genocide our people are enduring in darkness. A fellow Tigraweyti facilitated today’s panel discussion at the Macalester College and it was a perfect opportunity to bring our plight to an academic community’s attention who wouldn’t have heard of it had it not been for the panel discussion.
Although the burden we bear is immense, we will not let them erase us in silenceㅡwe will use every privilege at our disposal to advocate for our people and fight back fascists!

Published by Woyanay Tigray Media

This Websites for the support of the people of Tigray and for the various ideas on the human and democratic rights of all Ethiopian nationalities.the equality of the Ethiopian people has always been a victory for the TPLF and the people of Tigray. Therefore, we will only distribute the TPLF’s contribution to the country to our people. We will discuss various realities of the people of Tigray as well as the heroism of Tigray and the positive issues we need to support for our government in Tigray. The heroism of the TPLF, the TPLF is a real and heroic party built by political elites who will not betray the country and sell it to the enemy.

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